Thursday, September 22, 2016

My Nine Lives

This is my third card for MFT Super Star card contest (

I have to be honest that I'm not good at drawing cartoon figures. I googled quite a bit to see how people draw cosplay figures for cats. It turned out that there are tones of ideas online. I absoutely would not claim these are my original ideas. But I had a lot of fun putting them all together.

I struggled quite a bit deciding whether I should color these cats or not. The notion behind black and white is that these "nine lives" are not real, therefore they should not get colors. Just like a very old photo, when you look at it, it immediately becomes obvious that people in the photo do not live in present state (well, may be they are, but you get the idea...). Ideally I would like to put a colored figure to contrast the black and white, but in the end I feel it would make the card too busy so decided not to do that.

I had a hard time taking photos for this card. The vibrance of the background color just doesn't show right in photos. It either looked too dark or too bright. I've done my best but I would have to say the actual card looks much better than this.

Supplies used in this card:

Hello from outer space

This is my second enty to MFT Super Star card contest (

The theme is to say hello to a friend who lives very far and infrequently in touched with. This is symbolized by an outer space because it is a world that is far and with lots of unknowns but yet very colorful. This galaxy is painted with watercolor, inspired by Kristina Werner's father day card ( I watched this video many months ago and when I decided to create a galaxy background in this card, Kristina's video is the first thing came into my mind. I'm very happy that it worked out really well with the theme I have.

Supplies used in this card:

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Thanks! Buddies!

This card is entered for MFT Super Star card contest ( This is my first time joining an online cardmaking event. It was really fun!

In this card, I hacked MFT window dies so that it can open inside the card. In most of the cards, window are opened at the front cover and the cat peaking out. I feel that it would be fun to have the cat peaking into the window instead and people get curious about what the cat is looking at. I hope I achieved this effect with this card.

I normally like a little humor built into my cards and I feel this stamp set is perfect for it. In this card, obviously the main character is the pink cat who peeks into the house. She is the one who says "Thank you for being there when I kneaded you". It is to the other two cats who supported her from below, so that she can find her food!

Supplies used in this card: